Holidays at Garden City Jewish Center

Our High Holy Days services, with special children’s services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, invite all to join in and reflect during these Days of Awe.  Around this time of the year, our men’s club erects and the religious school children decorate our Sukkah.  Children bake challah following the Rosh Hashanah children’s service

During Sukkot, we shake the lulav and smell the etrog and eat snacks in our Sukkah.

For Simchat Torah, all of age can reaffirm their Jewish faith by carrying the torah around the temple (after we celebrate with a pizza party).

During Chanukah, we party again with latkes and ice cream sundaes – yum.  Group lighting of menorahs followed by a story reading by Rabbi Goodman – fun, fun!

Purim is an especially exciting holiday for us.  A pizza party with outrageous costumes (you have to see the Rabbi’s costume!!!) followed by a raucous reading of the Megillah.  Groggers are provided, but watch out for the Rabbi’s hammer.  A must-experience holiday at GCJC.  The religious school also has a fun-filled Purim carnival where the students get to play a bunch of fun home-made games.

For Passover, our religious school students take part in a model seder. For most years, a second night seder is held in our social hall.

During Shavout, we celebrate the giving of the Torah in our usual casual, but dignified Garden City Jewish Center manner.