Welcome to the Garden City Jewish Center!

You have likely found this page because you are looking for a Congregation to join. Perhaps you are looking for a way to develop your Jewish affiliations.  Perhaps you have school aged children and are looking for the appropriate place for them to receive a Jewish education.  Perhaps you are looking for a change in the way you practice and celebrate your Judiasm.  For all of these reasons (and more) we welcome you.  We are a small, friendly congregation with a wonderfully warm Rabbi and a host of ways to participate and expand your Jewish horizons.  Our religious school is top notch and enjoyed by all of the children.  Our congregation contains members from all walks of life that have found a home in our temple.

Join us for Shabbat or an event that interests you to meet the members and the Rabbi. If you’d like more information, we can send you a packet of information including a newsletter, calendar of upcoming events, schedule of services and school brochures.

For more information  email us at and we provide you with more information.