Garden City Jewish Center photo

The Garden City Jewish Center
168 Nassau Boulevard
Garden City, NY 11530

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Yom Rishon, 11 Tammuz 5778


Garden City Jewish Center welcomes people of all faiths (or lack of any) to join us in prayer and celebration.  Please note that many of our members are dual-faith families and the non-Jewish members of this family are welcomed with open arms.  Most feel totally at home in our very tolerant and friendly congregation.

Rabbi Goodman is a member of the Garden City Interfaith Clergy Fellowship.  Regular meetings between clergy and practitioners of our local churches and our congregation are held throughout the year, meeting on a rotating basis in each of the participant's houses of worship, including the Garden City Jewish Center.  Recently, the Garden City Interfaith Clergy Fellowship went on a trip to Israel, where they learned more about aspects of the holy land that tie our religions together.